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Trini Trent Radio: African-Americans vs West Indians

It was a chilly winter night on January 25 2015 when Miss Colombia took home the Miss Universe title instead of crowd favourite Miss...

A Glimpse at Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

With the exception of possible terrorist threats, raceĀ and privilegeĀ been the main issue dominating social media discussions during the past few months. However, a specific...

This Performance Proves Destra Garcia is Just Great

When people talk about famous music artists emerging from the Caribbean, they often struggle to name acts from anywhere but Jamaica. Well, unless they...
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Trini Trent TV: The Music of the Islands

Where have I been? Why has The Lava Lizard fallen dormant? Well, the time for that answer is not now but I will say...
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Trini Trent TV: 2014 Soca Monarch & Trinidad Carnival Review

Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival season has officially come to an end and now that the dust has settled, many longtime participants in the world's...
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Trini Trent TV: Should Machel Montano Go to Jail?

The international Pop culture scene is awfully dull lately but Trinidad is on fire, and I'm not just talking about the heat of the...
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Trini Trent TV: Trinidad Soca Monarch & Carnival 2013

The 2013 Trinidad Carnival season has officially come to a close and yours truly was live in the middle of all the action. So,...
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Caribbean Heat: Denise Belfon – ‘Wining Queen’

It has been a long time since I posted a Caribbean Heat feature on the site but with the 2013 Carnival season of Trinidad...
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Caribbean Heat: The Road March Competition

Caribbean Heat blazes onward with an instalment guaranteed to make you stomp your feat as you wine and grind. This week's edition of our...
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Caribbean Heat: Pull Up To Patra

Caribbean Heat is back again with a very exciting new installment that highlights the talent of one of the most important West Indian icons...