Trini Trent Radio: Tales from the Gym

In a previous episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast, Terry Torro and I spoke about the the body image issues affecting black men....

Trini Trent Radio: Stop Hiding In the Shade

Have you ever attacked another person on social media? Have you ever spread a rumour or gossip you knew would damage someone's reputation? Have you...

Trini Trent Radio: I Hate Mondays

Stuck at a job you hate and wondering if it's time time to take the risk of quitting so you can finally pursue your...

Trini Trent Radio: What Is Your Sign?

People are around the world are often divided by nationality, ethnicity, culture, sexuality and even age. Yet, zodiac signs have a strange power to bring them...

Trini Trent Radio: #TeamLightSkinned

Black people have been systematically taught to hate themselves. Following slavery and colonialism, those of us among the African diaspora remain divided by political, social and economic...



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