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The New Direction of Trini Trent TV

When I returned to blogging earlier this year, I assumed everyone would easily understand my perspective. However, there has been come confusion about the...
quit televisionvideo

How Quitting Television Made Me Happier

Switch to any news channel and you will see countless headlines that depict the world as falling apart. That's because newsrooms have crafted content to...

When Pop Music Fans Go to War

Pop music fans are the driving forces of the entertainment industry. However, our devotion is not just a by-product of modern consumer culture. Rather, we were...

The Rise of Stan Culture: How the Beyonce Beyhive Gained Power

Beyonce's loyal fans are notorious for their coordinated attacks in defence of their favourite pop star. However, to understand the Beyhive's media domination requires looking back at how modern...
90s Spice Girlsvideo

Finally Letting Go of the ’90s Will Help Artists Today

I was born in the '80s but I've always considered myself a child of the '90s. The music, the fashion and films all had...
Award showsvideo

How Award Shows Hurt Artists & Their Fans

I used to love award shows. In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I knew the dates of every such event in a...
Mariah Carey super fanvideo

Confessions of a Former Mariah Carey Super Fan

I used to be a Mariah Carey super fan; a proud member of the lamb nation. However, as the entertainment industry changed and the direction...
Leona Lewis I Amvideo

Finding Inspiration on Leona Lewis’ ‘I Am’ Album

Leona Lewis' I Am received little fanfare from critics, and its sales have been slow. However, as she teaches us with throughout the album,...

Back In Times: Mariah Carey ‘Emotions’ Album

Mariah Carey's Emotions album is a great album. However, with the exception of the title track, the record has been widely forgotten. My ears reject...

Next Steps For Soca Music

Judging by the latest trends in soca music, I reckon a typical conversation between a performer and a producer reads: Producer: "So, what type of...



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