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Leona Lewis I Amvideo

Finding Inspiration on Leona Lewis’ ‘I Am’ Album

Leona Lewis' I Am received little fanfare from critics, and its sales have been slow. However, as she teaches us with throughout the album,...

Back In Times: Mariah Carey ‘Emotions’ Album

Mariah Carey's Emotions album is a great album. However, with the exception of the title track, the record has been widely forgotten. My ears reject...

Next Steps For Soca Music

Judging by the latest trends in soca music, I reckon a typical conversation between a performer and a producer reads: Producer: "So, what type of...

Trini Trent TV: 2016 Billboard Music Awards Recap

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards was a show of absolute slayage. Britney Spears returned to her former glory and killed her choreography. Rihanna? Well, she channelled the...

Trini Trent TV: Drake Steals Caribbean Culture

Drake's Views album is here and if you buy into the hype, you will believe that the Canadian has ushered in a new era...

Trini Trent TV: Alicia Keys Cracks

It took four years, a new baby and a world of inspiration to give Alicia Keys the boost she needed to stage a comeback. However,...

Trini Trent TV: How Beyonce And Jay Z Manipulate You

Is Beyonce's new Lemonade album about Jay Z? Did he really cheat on her with Rachel Roy, Rihanna or Rita Ora? Will he release...

Trini Trent TV: Beyonce Lemonade Album Review

Beyonce's has released an album, Lemonade, accompanied with a series of visuals tied together in a short film, which aired on HBO. Tapping into conversations...

Trini Trent TV: K. Michelle Missteps

K. Michelle has released a new album, More Issues Than Vogue, and it is surprisingly good. Why the shock and awe? If you somehow...

Trini Trent TV: Trinidad Fights for Soca

Last month, I posted a much-needed Trini Trent TV episode about Trinidad and Tobago people needing to nurture and define our culture, especially soca music....