Trini Trent: A Trinidadian millennial sharing evolving perspectives on his intersectional reality, including culture, gender, relationships, sexuality and wellness.

“Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve?”

Those are three spiritual questions I had never asked myself because I thought I knew it all. However, once I stopped charging through life, I learned there was much more to the race than the destination.

In fact, the race is a myth. The journey is the destination.

I started blogging in 2009 on a music site out of London as an act of rebellion. I felt the local media industry in Trinidad and Tobago didn’t appreciate what I had to offer and I wanted to show everyone that I could be successful.

That drive continued for seven years, during which I launched my first blog, The Lava Lizard, started Trini Trent TV, moved to New York City and created the Trini Trent Radio podcast. I was on a roll.

Yet, even the brightest fire eventually burns out, and that’s exactly what happened in 2016. Back in Trinidad, I found myself at square one.

Thankfully, I was introduced to meditation by former Trini Trent Radio co-host, Terry Torro, and started an inward journey that has lead me here.

Thus, I have brought my expanding and evolving worldview into every aspect of the Trini Trent persona I created so long ago. I will share perspectives and stories that relate to my intersectional identity as a brown Trinidadian millennial trying to figure out his so-called life.

This is the next step in the journey for me and I’m scared yet excited to share it with you. I’m back under the mango tree and grateful for every minute of it.

About the Logo

“It’s amazing how productive we can be when we mind our business.” – Trini Trent

During my time away from the blog, I mustered the courage to start exploring my creativity. Thus, my passion for graphic design and multimedia editing flourished.

For the first time, I understood how it felt to create art and go through the entire process from conception to birth. Moreover, I learned how humbling it feels have my work judged and evaluated by others.

Now I know how musicians feel when people like me critique their songs. I won’t do so again.

I crafted the Trini Trent logo after watching YouTube tutorials and reading dozens of articles about design theory online. After three months of teaching myself Adobe Illustrator and making numerous revisions, it manifested during an early morning meditation practice.

The black on white design represents the oil for which Trinidad and Tobago is known. The self-made stroke of the T further emphasises that element and reflects another aspect of my country: Carnival.

J’Ouvert morning is free expression of Trinidad and Tobago culture during which people revel without fear of judgement. Thinking of the molasses, soot and oil of the Jab Molassie, I wanted that raw energy struck into the design.

The accompanying handprints reflect not only me, the painter, but a familiar sight on J’Ouvert morning: Markings on the walls along the streets of Trinidad’s capital city, Port of Spain, reminding people of the festivities that once were.

The headpiece was one of the first parts of the logo that came together and it has a double meaning.

On one hand, it shows a Carnival headpiece of a traditional fancy Indian. On the other hand, it speaks to my personal connection to my crown chakra. It symbolises awareness, Spirit and bliss.

Finally, I chose a typewriter font to give the logo a vintage press feel,. It combines traditional newspaper elements with my new perspective.

Thank you for reading!

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