TriniTrent.com is community created to encourage discussion about how people affect and are affected by culture. The pieces on the site are crafted by Trini Trent, who encourages conversations backed by both facts and opinions.

Every perspective has value. The point of this site is not to attack or insult any person. It is not a platform for the promotion of products or services, unless that service is journalism.

Among the pieces featured on TriniTrent.com are Trini Trent TV, the Trini Trent Radio podcast, and original written articles. This is not a space for posting breaking news. However, if there is a current event to be discussed, please share.

TriniTrent.com is not a music blog. Instead, it is a space for us to tackle issues including popular culture, race, sexuality, gender, feminism, sex, and discrimination.

Trini Trent

Trini Trent

Trini Trent has been a blogger for several years, on various platforms. Yet, to equip himself with the skills to develop TriniTrent.com, he has completed his Masters of Arts in Journalism from New York University.

Social journalism, digital innovation and multimedia are among Trini Trent’s areas of focus. He is determined to continuously expand his horizons as he encourages critical thinking, engagement and discussion.

From blogging under his mango tree in Trinidad and Tobago to exploring the streets of New York City. Trini Trent is still experimenting as he continues to build a thriving community.

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