The New Direction of Trini Trent TV


    When I returned to blogging earlier this year, I assumed everyone would easily understand my perspective. However, there has been come confusion about the new direction of the blog and the Trini Trent TV series. Thus, I used YouTube live to explain everything in detail.

    I became known as Trini Trent on social media when I first launched The Lava Lizard blog in 2011. That persona gained further popularity when Trini Trent TV debuted in 2012 via YouTube.

    Yet, despite attracting almost two million views, the attention I received never felt right. In fact, the scandals and heated debates took such a toll on me that I walked (ran) away from everything in 2016.

    Now, I’m back in the world of blogging with a new outlook. Instead of critiquing others’ work or addressing trending topics, my focus has shifted to helping people. As such, the man known Trini Trent is evolving.

    youtube live

    The new era

    This blog is the cornerstone of my new work. Rather than being a simple archive for Trini Trent Media, it now features unique written content. Furthermore, it’s a safe place for me to experiment with various ideas as I learn to understand our budding digital community.

    Trini Trent TV, on the other hand, is the platform for us to connect visually as we dissect pop culture in new ways. Moreover, the Trini Trent Radio podcast, which has yet to be relaunched, delves into life issues found on the blog.

    Choosing a new direction for my work continues to make my knees shake and my palms sweat. However, I have faith that we will connect more deeply as we rediscover each other.

    More on these points and more during my first ever YouTube live stream.

    “There is no path to peace; peace is the path.” – Mahatma Gandhi