When Old Tweets Are Used Against You


    Millennials have long been willing test subjects for emerging social media. Unfortunately, that means when we misuse those sites, our mistakes are made publicly. Such is the case with Twitter and our old tweets.

    In this special live streamed episode of Trini Trent TV, I talk about social media accountability. Moreover, I chat openly about the danger of our old tweets being used against us.

    There are numerous cases of public figures whose past social media posts have been used against them. Yet, is it truly fair to judge people for what they said online months or even years ago?

    We’ve all said some things….

    Early adopters of social media sites have each made at least one comment that can be used against them. However, that doesn’t mean those statements reflect who they are today.

    I previously shared every random thought to Twitter and Facebook. They comprised my digital stream of consciousness, and I didn’t pay attention to the consequences of my actions.

    Also, as I worked to build a following for my blog, I made bold statements to get people’s attention. As a result, my old tweets and status updates were very controversial.

    However, I’m not that person today, and my life is on a different path. So, it will be very unfortunate for persons to judge me by something I tweeted back in 2012.

    explaining old tweets

    Accountability is key

    Regardless of what was said in the past, it’s important for us to admit our actions and hold ourselves accountable. Only then can we begin the process of forgiveness and acceptance of our former selves.

    Still, social media gives us the opportunity to clean up our past updates, thus avoiding stress altogether. That’s particularly handy when people specifically search for posts with the purpose of damaging our reputations.

    More of this topic as well as a lively question and answer session on Trini Trent TV’s live stream.