Finally Letting Go of the ’90s Will Help Artists Today


    I was born in the ’80s but I’ve always considered myself a child of the ’90s. The music, the fashion and films all had an impact on my life, and shaped the way I view pop culture. However, that era has passed and it’s time for us to finally let go.

    The issue

    Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, I was taught to value tradition over innovation. Indeed, every aspect of my life was guided by the principle of respecting classic processes without disrupting things with new ideas.

    All of that changed when I moved to New York City.

    Surrounded by brilliant thinkers determined to challenge the status quo, I learned the value of going beyond what was comfortable. Of course, that went against the values of older Trinidadians, who preached, “Bring back the old time days.”

    The clashing world views became clear to me when I returned to Trinidad. As part of my reverse culture shock, I felt trapped in an environment where change was stifled. On the other hand, I discovered an interesting habit of mine.

    For years, I looked down on young artists as not being worthy to share the same air as the ’90s greats. In fact, I reminded people of my disgust by taking jabs via my articles, videos and social media. Thus, I behaved similar to people in my home country.

    The ’90s was an amazing era for pop culture but it wasn’t perfect. Moreover, romanticising that decade leaves trapped in a loop of recycling what made it great, therefore preventing progression.

    The solution

    Learning to live in the present moment as we accept what is instead of reliving the past will help us move on. The ’90s decade was a special time but belittling the contributions of everyone who came after will not help us.

    I explain my new perspective in detail in this new episode of Trini Trent TV.

    “Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes but life is changing all the time.” – Don Miguel Ruiz