4. Cancel accounts on social media you don’t need.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Periscope, Whatsapp, Snapchat, LinkedIn and SoundCloud. Those are the social media on which I currently have accounts. However, I haven’t opened Snaphat in months, so it makes sense to let it go.

Join social networking sites when they serve a functional purpose. Perhaps, you are looking for a job (LinkedIn) or want to keep in contact with friends abroad (Whatsapp). Any accounts that were set up just so you could be trendy or noticed are prime candidates for deletion.

5. Call the people who matter.

I wanted to delete my personal Facebook account in 2013 because Instagram was the hip social platform of the day and Facebook was “boring.” However, I kept my page active after convincing myself that I needed it to maintain contact with friends.

Ironically, there were less than 15 people with whom I regularly communicated, and I did so without using Facebook. What I was really afraid of giving up were the likes, comments and shares I got from complete strangers on the internet.

Social media addiction

Think of the people you contact regularly. Then, get into the habit of calling – wifi calls also qualify – or texting them without relying on social media inboxes. If you truly care about them, you will put in the extra effort.

6. Monitor your time online.

It’s 10pm and you’ve been refreshing your Instagram timeline to see the latest updates. Unfortunately, you’ve already seen all the activity from the people you follow so you linger to the Explore tab. Now, it’s 1am, and you’re in a black hole of hashtags, exes and just-married former classmates.

Track your time online, particularly when you doing most of your surfing and how long you stay logged in. Moreover, practice turning off your devices at least an hour before bed so you can effectively prepare for sleep.

7. Designate quiet time.

Before you put your phone down at the end of the day, set it to silent mode without vibration. Therefore, when you get into bed, you won’t be forced awake by any social media notifications you choose to keep active.

Furthermore, schedule time in your day to completely detach from the web. Leave your phone at home while you walk your dog or put it in your locker while you workout.

Atchley and David Strayer conducted research that states spending time in nature can counter mentally draining technology. Hence, go outside and untether yourself from social media when you can.

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