Confessions of a Former Mariah Carey Super Fan


    I used to be a Mariah Carey super fan; a proud member of the lamb nation. However, as the entertainment industry changed and the direction of her career took an unsettling turn, I became frustrated.

    Carey is a prolific as a singer and songwriter. In fact, her songs were a source of inspiration and support during the roughest moments of my teen years. I still remember the hours I spent lying in bed, listening to “Through the Rain” and praying to survive high school.

    My love of Carey’s lyrics and the melodrama of her performances increased as I grew older, climaxing with The Emancipation of Mimi. Honestly, 2005 was a special renaissance for the lambs; a golden age of high notes, gowns and unapologetic sass.

    All of that changed after the year 2008.

    Mariah Carey super fan
    The Island Def Jam Music Group and Mariah Carey: “Bye Bye”

    A new generation of pop acts took over the charts Carey ruled with ease just two years prior. Moreover, her focus shifted to her marriage and enjoying her renewed fame. Thus, the lambs no longer reigned as the dominant fan group on the internet and I was angry.

    Yet, I was also selfish. My unhealthy attachment to her status as a chart giant was fueled by my ego. Also, I was afraid of the many changes happening in the world of pop culture and chose to lash out instead of adapt.

    Letting go of the ego

    This new episode of Trini Trent TV uses my former status as a Mariah Carey super fan as the basis of a discussion about ego. Although the problem is bigger than just one artist or fan group, I hope my story helps you think of how we build our identities on the shoulders of celebrities.