4. Avoid seeking revenge.

The second stage of grief is anger, and there will be a lot of it following a tumultuous breakup. Yet, don’t allow yourself to act recklessly reck while in this emotional state because it will only lead to more pain and regret.

For instance, writing a series of revealing Facebook statuses in which you blast your ex for his little penis will jeopardise your job and reputation. Also, posting pictures of that tiny member on Tumblr classifies as revenge porn, which is punishable by law in several countries.

Alternatively, you may choose to vent via subtweets or subliminal hashtags. You may also post sexually suggestive selfies on Snapchat or Instagram to make your ex jealous.

Sure, all these tactics will get your former partner’s attention but ask yourself why that’s necessary. Also, consider how your behaviour will affect you and your future relationships in the long run.

5. Unplug from social media.

As is the case with ending relationships with friends, handling a breakup in this digital age involves logging off of social media. Simply unfollowing, unfriending and blocking your ex will not be enough when you have several mutual contacts.

Hence, to avoid seeing pictures of your ex at parties with that girl from the gym you always knew he liked, stay offline. Honestly, this is a form of avoidance but you will be very sensitive in the initial stages of the breakup and that requires time away for healing.

Establish a healthy distance between you and your ex online by going offline. Furthermore, ask your friends to avoid informing you of your ex’s activity on social media, even if it involves insults targeting you. In short, choose the peace you need to recover from your breakup in the real world.

6. Find a creative project. 

Hobbies are what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls flow activities or active leisure time. They include such activities as yoga, cooking and gardening. Additionally, to help you emerge from the pain of a breakup, you can start longterm creative projects.

By committing to an activity like graphic design or painting, you will fully engage your full concentration. Thus, your focus will be centered in the present moment, and your emotional turmoil will be replaced by your creative drive.

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