The Emancipation Of Me


As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Emancipation Day, this is the perfect time to discuss freedom. With that in mind, this week’s episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast explains how to break free from toxic relationships.

Being stuck in unhealthy friendships or romantic partnerships is similar to walking in circles. It causes tremendous emotional, physical and mental stress as we remain locked in a toxic cycle.

There are several reason why people stay in unhealthy relationships. Among them are pride, fear, insecurity and lust. Yes, good sex can make even the strongest of us hang on for dear life.

However, there is hope.

It is possible to let go and move on from situations that drain us. It is possible to develop of a deep love of self that replaces the need for another person. It is possible to be happy.

The first step is admitting the relationship is hurting you. From that moment, you can start the journey. I know because I’m on it right now.

“The Emancipation Of Me” builds on the previous Trini Trent Radio episode, “That Man Is Wasting Your Time.”

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