Cuckoo For Conflict Resolution


Worldstar! Forget conflict resolution, let’s knock somebody out. Compassion is weakness. Love is for school girls. Indeed, the only important thing in life is winning.

Congratulations, you just played yourself. In fact, you let your ego play you.

Every day of our lives presents situations that could either lead to stronger connections or conflict. Unfortunately, many of us choose the latter because we are driven by pride and anger.

In this week’s episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast, I share insight from my journey of self-discovery as I learn to deal with conflict. Honestly, those of you who have followed me for years know it has been a long road.

Learn to remove toxic people from your life. Understand you don’t need to respond to every criticism fired at you. Furthermore, resist the urge to clap back as you learn to listen to others. The list goes on.

conflict resolution

If that picture upset you, “Cuckoo For Conflict Resolution” is for you.

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