Swipe Right For Your Happily Ever After


K. Michelle has crafted a song that captures the mentality of our generation. “Drake Would Love Me” tells the tale of how people look toward men as heroes, ready to lead them into a life of happily ever after.

In fact, the tune aligns with this week’s episode of Trini Trent Radio, “Swipe Right For Your Happily Ever After.”

We have been trained to dismiss potential partners based on their physical appearances. As a result, we rarely take the time to get to know people beyond what we see in pictures and short Instagram clips.

mr right


That is the stamp of approval given to men online who match standards of beauty and masculinity. Yet, those men are strangers who show us what they want us to see. Indeed, Instagram comprises an array of edited bulges and displays of masculine behaviour.

The rat race continues still.

People compete in activity feeds for the attention of these men. They are the missing pieces for those seeking to complete their lives with perfect mates.

Listen to “Swipe Right For Happily Ever After” as I discuss these issues.

You are complete. You do not need the attention and validation of others to make you whole.

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