In Response to Police Shootings in America


    As people continue to vent about the police shootings that occurred in the United States this week, I ask:

    What are people doing to heal?

    How can they fix their communities and create lasting change?

    Philando Castile was shot by police while his spouse live streamed the entire situation on Facebook. On the other hand, Alton Sterling was pinned to the ground and shot in the chest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    The African-American community reels.

    In response to the violence, Micah Xavier Johnson has reportedly killed five police officers in Dallas, Texas. It is the deadliest action against law enforcement in North America since September 11, 2001.

    Still, I ask:

    What is the next step?

    Ranting on social media and threatening more violence has not resulted in the institutional reforms America needs. Yet, people are unable to escape the never-ending of ‘us vs them.’

    To put everything into perspective, I took to Trini Trent TV. There were no script or points involved in the recording of this episode. Indeed, I simply spoke.