No Rise Filter For The Soul


“You are fat…Your nose is too wide…You are too small to qualify for Eggplant Fridays…Your skin is too dark…You need the rise filter.”

Those of us who spend long periods of time scanning social media are exposed to an array of messages that compel us to conform to skewed standards of beauty. However, as we look toward those impossible benchmarks, we forget to work on forming a healthy sense of self.

photo edit

Photo editing software available on Instagram, Facetune, Enlight and Photoshop give us the ability to alter our appearances. With a few swipes and clicks, we can transform our pictures to look like our favourite celebrities.

Yet, the work that we do to change our looks is a reflection of how we are struggling with the concept of self-acceptance.

Of course, many people go a step further by manipulating their looks in the real world. They rely on pills, steroids, eating disorders and overworking their bodies to achieve “perfection.”

Moreover, those dangerous behaviours become habits when people enjoy the short term high from likes, compliments and sexual favours.

In this episode of Trini Trent Radio, I propose a change with a simple affirmation:

“I am enough.”

This is a followup to “Your Instagram Is A Liar.” This is “No Rise Filter For The Soul.”

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