That Man Is Wasting Your Time


A man should not have to block your calls for you to know he is not interested in you. In fact, the signs are all obvious if you are willing to admit he has been wasting your time.

Stop being led on by a man who uses you as a distraction or a backup plan. Stop holding onto fantasies of what could be and see what is real. If he refuses to make a you a priority in his life, move on.

cheating boyfriendLast year, we explained how men treat people when they’ve lost interest. This time, I’m digging deeper into the topic as I list signs that a man is using you.

“He’s not that into you” is the phrase people use to describe a man who keeps someone hanging on.

Stop it.

That man is leading you on and enjoying the comforts you give him without offering you the same. As Nina Simone said, “You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.”

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