For Black Boys With Absent Black Fathers


    The idea of absent black fathers is being tackled as a myth. However, those of us who grew up without that guiding male figure know it is anything but. It’s time we address our daddy issues.

    black fathers

    Six months have passed since the last episode of Trini Trent Radio.

    In that time, I put my efforts into Trini Trent TV and adjusting to life in Trinidad and Tobago. Yet, I was keeping myself busy without reflecting on how drastically my life has changed.

    Then, I stopped.

    Being still and getting in touch with my inner peace has opened the floodgates to a wave of issues that have been suppressed for years. Issues that are perfect topics for this podcast.

    In the spirit of Father’s Day, I am here to address absentee black fathers. An unfortunate stereotype that plagues our communities but has proven to be true more often than we admit.

    Black men are pressured by society to conform to an array of gender norms and ideals that are often impossible to fit. Many of us do so without the guidance of men in our families, and we look to the media or the streets for models of masculinity.

    To say there are people in black communities with daddy issues may be taboo but it is the reality. We need to change that before we pass the burden of abandonment onto future generations.

    Listen to “For Black Boys With Absent Black Fathers” as we work to break the cycle.

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