Trini Trent TV: Alicia Keys Cracks


    It took four years, a new baby and a world of inspiration to give Alicia Keys the boost she needed to stage a comeback. However, despite being armed with an impressive catalogue of hits, being successful at this stage of her career may be a tricky feat.

    “In Common” is the lead single off Keys’ still untitled new album, and it ties together elements of afrobeat and Caribbean rhythms as an unexpected yet oddly natural progression of her artistry. So, what could possibly go wrong? Everything else.

    Literally, everything.

    Keys’ performances of “In Common” and another new song, “Hallelujah,” proved her voice has yet to recover from the mysterious issues that have been affecting it for years. In fact, those problems seem to have gotten worse. Certainly, not the best way to give viewers confidence in her latest project.

    In fact, to many people, Keys may be considered a stranger. With the exception of her fans who pay close attention to her every move, Keys’ absence from the music scene for so long means this era is both an introduction to some music buyers and a reintroduction to those who forgot her previous works.

    Watch this week’s episode of Trini Trent TV as I explain how Keys’ career waned over the years, her various struggles and what she can do to turn things around.