Trini Trent TV: 2016 Billboard Music Awards Recap


    The 2016 Billboard Music Awards was a show of absolute slayage.

    Britney Spears returned to her former glory and killed her choreography. Rihanna? Well, she channelled the late Whitney Houston and ascended the throne as The Voice of our lost generation.

    Of course we can’t forget the Queen of Pop, Madonna, who performed a flawless tribute to Prince with her enormous talent. Yes, y’all, the Billboard Music Awards show was lit!

    Okay, that’s enough propaganda. Let’s be real now: None of things happened, no matter what media outlets and deranged fans would like the sane sections of the global population to believe.

    Instead, the show was largely forgettable and the only moments that stood out were those many of us would like to erase from memory. Watch this new episode of Trini Trent TV to see what I mean.