Trini Trent TV: Trinidad Fights for Soca


Last month, I posted a much-needed Trini Trent TV episode about Trinidad and Tobago people needing to nurture and define our culture, especially soca music. However, my comments were somehow misunderstood as an attack on other West Indians.

Skimming through comments and video responses on social media, I saw several individuals from across the Caribbean claiming that soca had originated in Grenada, Barbados, St. Vincent and even St. Kitts. Basically, everywhere except Trinidad and Tobago.

To make matters worse, my calls for greater education and pride among the Trinbagonanian youth were labelled as divisive, ignorant and disrespectful. You know, because telling young people in Trinidad and Tobago to embrace their culture will somehow prevent others from participating in it…right?

This episode of Trini Trent TV has been put together to inform people of the history of soca music and some of its subgenres. It is supported by information primarily provided by the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago and an interview with songwriter Patrick “Vybe” Gordon.

Watch it. Share it. Comment on it.