Trini Trent TV: K. Michelle Missteps


    K. Michelle has released a new album, More Issues Than Vogue, and it is surprisingly good. Why the shock and awe? If you somehow manage to get pass her ratchet exterior and the obnoxious opening tracks, you will find impressive R&B music.

    With that said, we have identified one of the major problems preventing K. Michelle’s success.¬†She has branded herself as over-the-top, tell-it-like-it-is voice of the ratchet generation, and that outer shell prevents other music fans from listening in.

    So, now that she is attempting to reach a wider target audience, K. Michelle is struggling to find her footing. Add that to shaky live performances and questionable singles choices, and she has a big ol’ mess on her hands.

    Watch this new episode of Trini Trent TV as I offer my views on how K. Michelle can turn things around and achieve her goal of branching out.