Trini Trent TV: Janet Jackson In Trouble


    Janet Jackson has done it again. By that, I’m referring to yet another mishandled era of her career.

    After months riddled with cancelled and postponed shows, vocal issues, mystery illness and weak promotion of her impressive Unbreakable album, Jackson has now delayed the remainder of her world tour until sometime in 2017. However, this time, we know the reason.

    Jackson is planning to start a family. She broke the news via her Facebook page, and was greeted with congratulatory messages from her many supporters.

    Unfortunately, all is not well in the house of Jackson. With the Unbreakable World Tour on pause and not officially cancelled, Ticketmaster initially informed patrons that refunds will not be issued. Luckily, point-of-purchase refunds were announced later.

    Add this latest development to her previous hiccups and the lack of new singles or videos released to support the Unbreakable album, and it’s easy to understand the outrage of some of her fans.

    Watch this latest episode of Trini Trent TV for my views on the situation and what can be done keep things afloat.