Trini Trent TV: Beyonce Lemonade Album Review


    Beyonce’s has released an album, Lemonade, accompanied with a series of visuals tied together in a short film, which aired on HBO. Tapping into conversations involving feminism, Black Lives Matter and black girl magic, she has once again positioned herself at the forefront of pop culture.

    However, is Lemonade as revolutionary as some people have declared or yet another body of work laced with repurposed lyrics and unoriginal ideas?

    Following in the footsteps of Madonna before her, Beyonce has become adept at injecting herself into the sphere of culture and politics via various media. Lemonade is a perfect example.

    In fact, Beyonce’s so-called ode to black women is more a testament to her camp’s keen business sense to keep her among the world’s top trending and trendy stars.

    Musically, though, there are few glaring faults in Lemonade. Tangy with a sweet kick, it lives up to its name but it is as thin as it is short; devoid of emotional substance when it matters most.

    Watch the Trini Trent TV review of Lemonade and share your thoughts.