Trini Trent TV: Women In Soca


The 2016 Trinidad Carnival season was marred by some of the weakest music releases in recent history. However, hidden beneath the layers of EDM and Afrobeat samples was another problem: The waning presence of female soca artists in the industry.

If you think back on this year’s festivities, the biggest hits were all by men. Voice, Ricardo Drue, Shurwayne Winchester, Machel Montano and even Salty all enjoyed success on radio but where were the women?

Denise Belfon barely got any airplay with¬†“Wickeder Wide” and most people overlooked the far superior “Dismantle.” Destra Garcia released a string of songs and none of them made any impact.

Patrice Roberts, on the other hand, scored a moderate¬†hit with “Old & Grey” but it was too little too late. On the bright side, she was the only woman to qualify for the 2016 International Soca Monarch…and she performed the less favourable “Money Done” instead.

So, what could the women of the soca music industry do to prevent themselves from being further shut out? Trini Trent TV is on the case.