Trini Trent TV: A Black-ish American Problem


Another day, another hiccup in the world of pop culture. This time, however, it was more personal for those of us from Trinidad and Tobago, who were referenced on Black-ish in not-so-flattering terms.

In a recent episode of the hit show, which is known for tackling important issues ranging from African-American culture to unjustified police killings, the characters Daphne Lido (Wanda Sykes) and Leslie Stevens (Peter Mackenzie) encouraged Andre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) to hire a nanny.

Seems innocent enough. What could possibly go wrong with such a simple, practical suggestion? Oh, just some unfiltered ignorance.

In the deliberately offensive scene, Daphne and Leslie said Dre should get a nanny from Trinidad because us foreigners are “hard workers.” On the other hand, he should avoid “Tobagans” because they can’t be trusted.

Ah, nothing like unfair stereotypes and comical xenophobia to boost moral.

I do not claim to speak on behalf of the entire population of Trinidad and Tobago but as I state in this latest instalment of Trini Trent TV, that Black-ish scene was completely unnecessary.

Watch me break it down and explain how African-Americans can be just as ignorant regarding West Indians as white people in the good ol’ US of A.