Trini Trent TV: Rihanna Is Mediocre


    It finally happened. Rihanna has scored her 14th number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped Michael Jackson, thus ranking her behind only The Beatles and Mariah Carey among acts with the most chart leaders.

    So, what was the iconic song that raised Rihanna’s profile in the history books? None other than the lyrical opus “Work,” which features Drake.

    People have been complaining for years that the bar for quality in the music industry continues to fall lower with each passing quarter but now it has gone too far.

    Of all the songs on Rihanna’s slow-selling ANTI album – and those released in the many false starts the project suffered during this era of her career – “Work” now holds a special distinction of being a bonafide hit. Also, with its controversial video, it is unlikely to lose momentum anytime soon.

    This episode of Trini Trent TV is a call for a change in the music industry. It is my way of demanding more artist development by labels and for us as consumers to support good music as much as we allow trash to clog the charts.

    In short, Rihanna is mediocre and we let her rise to fame happen.