Trini Trent TV: 2016 Grammy Awards Moments


    The 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony is over. Taylor Swift’s 1989 won Album of the Year instead of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. That alone should let you know the show was far from perfect.

    Despite giving many deserving artists top honours in their respective fields, there were several disappointing moments at this year’s Grammys. For instance, Lauryn Hill reportedly pulled out of a performance with The Weeknd at the last moment.

    Swift opened the show with a less than stellar vocal performance, and the string of bad luck even affected Adele, whose rendition of “All I Ask” was marred by technical difficulties. Oh, and we can’t forget the late Natalie Cole barely getting a mention during the broadcast.

    Of course, Trinidadians always find our way into everything. Local media outlets suggested that our people had somehow “won” at the awards, although their reasoning was far from accurate.

    Watch Trini Trent TV as I break down all the details and humbly offer my two cents.