Trini Trent TV: Where Jada Pinkett Smith Went Wrong


    Exactly one week ago, I put out a Trini Trent TV episode called Stop Begging for Oscars, in which I spoke about the importance of black people asserting their own worth instead of waiting for validation from the “mainstream.”

    Just days after, Jada Pinkett Smith issued her own statement regarding the Academy Awards being oh so white. However, her response went very, very wrong.

    Seemingly a knee jerk reaction to her husband, Will Smith, being snubbed by the Academy, she called for African-Americans to know their power and use it to build their own communities. A commendable sentiment, no doubt, but the timing made many question her motives.

    Among those people was the original Aunt Vivian, Janet Hubert, who blasted Smith for not voicing her concerns sooner and only using this situation for her own gain.


    Before you launch a barrage of “coon” and “island rat” comments my way, watch this followup episode of Trini Trent TV. Don’t worry, I am nowhere near as daft as Stacey Dash, whom I also address directly.