Trini Trent TV: Trinidad Problems


Trini Trent TV is now in Trinidad and Tobago! Yes, after more than two years in New York City, the time has come for a temporary change. Unfortunately, everything has not been running smoothly.

Since arriving in Trinidad, I have been battling a range of problems.

  1. The internet connection is terribly slow, thus delaying uploads and affecting productivity.
  2. Data packages offered by local service providers are absolute trash. For instance, the fastest speed available on Bmobile is a weak 3G, which does not work in several parts of the country.
  3. Customer service…what customer service? This is Trinidad.
  4. The cost of living has skyrocketed. Everything from food to Carnival costumes are grossly overpriced.
  5. If water pressure isn’t low, blackouts are the main frustration.

Watch this episode of Trini Trent TV as I vent my frustrations. I literally can’t.