Trini Trent TV: Stop Begging for Oscars


    Remember when the Soul Train Awards aired and many people on Twitter fell silent? Even worse, Omarion was among the big winners of the night but he failed to attend. Then, when he was overlooked for a Grammy Award nomination, he was most upset.

    The same situation is happening with the 2016 Academy Awards.

    Following the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees, there was widespread uproar that black actors and filmmakers have once again been shut out from the event. In fact, the infamous #OscarsSoWhite trending topic has resurfaced as people across social media express their frustrations.

    Yet, I have an opposing thought: Instead of fighting to be accepted by the mainstream, why not focus energy on uplifting deserving members of the black American community? You know, at the many African-American award shows that get ignored by black Twitter every year unless Beyonce is sitting front row.

    It seems people are so eager to get a seat at amongst the privileged few that they have forgotten how to value themselves. At least, that’s just my humble opinion as your neighbourhood Trinidadian.

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