Trini Trent TV: 2016 Soca Monarch Semifinals Madness


The 2016 International Soca Monarch finals will be held on February 5, which is also known as Fantastic Friday in Trinidad and Tobago. However, before we get to the main event, we were forced to endure the tragedy that was the semifinals.

Broadcasting – I use that term loosely – via CNC3, the Soca Monarch semifinals was a complete calamity. The performances were sloppy, the artists were clearly unrehearsed and entire show lacked cohesion.

Well, that’s all most of us could gather from the terrible feed provided by CNC3, which lacked proper audio or even clear video.

Moreover, there was a blatant lack of innovation or originality among those battling for a spot in the finals. In fact, it was difficult to tell when one set ended and another began because they all followed the same formula:

A group of dancers with no relation to the music. Check.

Girls either dressed in pum pum shorts, mini skirts or African garb. Check.

Confetti and smoke machines. Check.

Calls to the “sexy, independent ladies” in the audience. Check.

I could go on but I rather not relive the trauma. Watch this new episode of Trini Trent TV as I break down all of the drama from the Soca Monarch semifinals and offer tips to improve the show.