Trini Trent Radio: Do I Sound Gay?


    Trini Trent Radio took a short break for Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean Terry Torro and I have been lazy. On the contrary, we used the time to do some interesting research for this episode of the podcast.

    Do I Sound Gay? is a documentary we discovered on Netflix that highlights the struggles of a gay man desperate to rid himself of a “gay voice.” Yes, you read that correctly. There are people in the world who think all gay men speak in similar ways – with elongated vowels, overemphasised consonants and the dreaded lisp.

    However, Do I Sound Gay? was narrowly focused on white, gay men from well-off neighbourhoods. It completely ignored the problems affecting other men of colour, gay or otherwise inclined.

    So, in this week’s Trini Trent Radio, we voice our opinions on the documentary, break down the stereotype, and share our own experiences with being labelled because of the ways in which we speak. We also give insight into how we often code switch as a means of survival.

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