Trini Trent TV: BET Presents Black and Gay in the Church


    The topic of equal rights and acceptance for the LGBT community has really become a top issue in the media. Just last month, VH1 addressed the presence of gay people in hip-hop and now, BET has taken a stab at offering a different perspective.

    Holler if You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church is a documentary that centres on the African-American church as an institution that sidelines LGBT people from the congregation. Most surprisingly, the special, which is only available on the BET Now app, is actually good.

    Gay men, women, transgendered women and even FTM Рfeminine to masculine Рmen are highlighted as the struggles of LGBT folks are brought into focus. Additionally, the inherent hypocrisy of the church is brought into question as various bishops offer their views on widely preached homophobia.

    Of course, Holler if You Hear Me had both strong and weak points, so Trini Trent TV is here with a review. I strongly suggest you watch the documentary but with a keen, objective eye.