Trini Trent TV: Adele 25 Album Review


    Well, today is the big day. Adele has finally released her long awaited new album, 25, after a three-year hiatus from the music scene, and it is already on track to sell record numbers.

    Entirely co-written by Adele with contributions from Bruno Mars (“All I Ask”), Greg Kurstin, Max Martin and Paul Epworth, 25 is the followup to the diamond-certified 21. The big question on many people’s minds is this: Does the album match the glory of its predecessor?

    The answer is a resounding yes but that does not mean Adele has simply repeated herself. In fact, instead of crooning about the heartache she is experiences within the confines of dying relationship, Adele has finally accepted its demise and takes responsibility for its failure.

    This episode of Trini Trent TV is my review of 25. I discuss the best and not-so-great moments on the record, and share insight into why Adele can seemingly do no wrong.