Trini Trent Radio: What Gay Men Want Women to Know


    To all the women who think you know the struggles men, especially your gay friends, face to be men: You have no idea what that entails.

    Gay men are not your favourite pair of summer jeans to be worn then tossed aside in the colder months when you fall into the warm embrace of your new, heterosexual winter coat. Gay men are not just your favourite phone buddies or personal stylists. Gay men are men.

    There is a rarely addressed issue affecting gay men who are tolerated yet never fully accepted by the women in their lives. A giant, pink elephant in the room that is ignored, probably to avoid the dissolution of such a supposedly sacred relationship between a women and her gay pet.

    This episode of Trini Trent Radio was inspired by Vivica Fox’s recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and goes beyond the the dynamics of the gay man/tolerant woman relationship. We also discuss Fox’s jab at 50 Cent’s sexuality – the black woman’s routine move to target black men’s masculinities.

    Why is raising suspicion about a man’s sexuality being anything but heterosexual considered the ultimate insult? Let’s explore.

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