Trini Trent Radio: No Fats, No Fems, No Blacks


Remember when Terry Torro and I chatted about our relationship struggles in the Sup episode of Trini Trent Radio? Well, a new hot button issue has taken over the social media conversation and has inspired us to issue an update in a much needed followup.

A recently released video about the the preferences men list on dating apps has sparked controversy. Apparently, white people aren’t allowed to voice their disinterest in people outside their race. In fact, to even suggest that should require crucifixion but black people who do the same are merely victims of society.

Our question is this: Why should that matter to you? If a man says he does not want to pursue you because you are too short, tall, fat, skinny or simply outside his regular dating pool, why does he deserve to be shamed? Should we not be happy he is honest and move on to more worthy  candidates?

This instalment of Trini Trent Radio may upset some of you but it is a necessary conversation, especially since we go far beyond the listings on this apps and explore other facets of online dating.

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