Trini Trent TV: VH1 Presents Out in Hip Hop


    Last evening, VH1 aired the Out in Hip Hop special, detailing the struggles gay men face in the rap music industry. Surprisingly, the show was actually a great first step toward spreading understanding of LGBT issues but there were several problems.

    Firstly, Milan Christopher and Miles were repeatedly referred to as “pioneers” throughout the show but their representation of gay men in hip-hop has been quite narrow and far from as impactful as emphasised. In fact, I think they have done damage to the LGBT community.

    Religion was also a hot topic throughout Out in Hip Hop as host TJ Holmes lead a panel of guests who tackled homophobia in the black church. Yet, to which black church were they referring? Also, what about other religious groups? Are they not homophobic toward LGBT people?

    Watch this new episode of Trini Trent TV as I dissect those issues, the idea that homophobia in black communities has cooled and much more.