Trini Trent TV: Adele Privilege


    Adele is back with another hit single, “Hello,” that is poised to dominate the charts in the coming weeks. The response to the song has been overwhelming and the praise high but I wonder why similar accolades are rarely given to other, blacker soul singers.

    “Hello” has garnered over 114 million streams on YouTube in just five days, 27.7 million of which came in less than 24 hours, thus setting a new record on the platform. Naturally, people are already making lofty predictions for Adele’s 25 album, due for release on November 20.

    Unfortunately for black balladeers whose names are not John Legend, nobody cares that much about their material. Well, unless they are willing to work with rappers, sign up for trap beats or pursue hits on the dance charts.

    Is this fair? What makes Adele and her male counterpart, Sam Smith, so special? Watch me discuss all that and more in Trini Trent TV.