Trini Trent Radio: Grace Jones Tried to Warn Us


You wanna be on top? Cue that America’s Next Top Model theme song, Tyra because we are about to talk abut the lengths to which people will go for attention.

People across social media post half-naked images and suggestive video clips just to get a few extra likes. Well, that is if they even have the creativity to handle such an approach. If not, they simply repurpose memes and GIFs from their peers.

That uninventive behaviour is also reflected in the way many social media users recreate skits and comedy sketches they see around the web. You know, because anybody can put on a wig and be famous.

We has the originality gone? Was Grace Jones right to call out our generation for being unoriginal in our quest for attention? Listen to Trini Trent Radio and share your thoughts.

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