Trini Trent TV: Stop Love and Hip-Hop


    Love & Hip-Hop, especially the latest saga of the show in Hollywood, is garbage and it needs to be cancelled.

    Featuring a cast of alleged rappers and celebrities of some kind, the show promotes stereotypes and wild behaviour that portrays people of the African-American in the worst light. Moreover, the filming of series has gone far beyond the boundaries of reality television and is now in soap opera territory.

    Milan Christopher has become the first openly gay rapper on the show, and he is struggling to coax his boyfriend to abandon his down low lifestyle. On national television…where everyone can see his boyfriend’s face…and see them kiss while cuddling in bed…

    What is the purpose of Love & Hip-Hop? How does the show live up to its premise of highlighting musicians and their lives behind the art?

    Trini Trent TV is on the case.