Trini Trent TV: Nicki Minaj Announces New Show


    Nicki Minaj has a new sitcom about her life headed to ABC Family and many pop culture-aware Trinidadians are bracing for what could be yet another embarrassment.

    Born as Onika Maraj in Trinidad and Tobago, Minaj moved to New York City when she was just a child. Her new comedy, which will begin filming this winter, will highlight the adjustments her family made after relocating to Jamaica, Queens, and her journey to stardom.

    Yet, how exactly will Minaj represent Trinidad and Tobago, her family and her early years? Considering the fact that she has shown absolutely no knowledge of her heritage, how could she possibly showcase her people without once again reenforcing the stereotype that we are all imitation Jamaicans?

    In this episode of Trini Trent TV, I state exactly what Minaj should do to best tell the story in her new show. I also stress her responsibility to touch on issues affecting West Indian immigrants here in America.

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