Trini Trent TV: Elections Bacchanal


The dust has settled on the 2015 General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago, and a new government has risen to power. Bye bye, Kamla. Bye Bye.

However, instead of celebrating the People’s National Movement’s victory and preparing for the dawn of a new era in the country’s politics, several people have responded with venomous, racist attacks. My people are oh so productive.

Claims that Trinidad and Tobago will fall apart under the leadership of Prime Minister Elect Dr. Keith Rowley littered facebook shortly after the Elections results were announced. Some people even claimed they were prepared to leave the country while others suggested there was a “black agenda” afoot.

Hide your daughters, folks, because groups of black men are supposedly preparing to kidnap them.

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Naturally, I had to address this issue on Trini Trent TV. This episode may upset some of you but it is important for us to tackle to difficult topics for the future of Trinidad and Tobago.