Trini Trent TV: A New Kelly Rowland


    Kelly Rowland is a good singer, dancer and well-rounded artist. However, she has long struggled to escape the reach of Beyonce’s shadow and establish herself as an icon in her own right.

    So, in response to numerous requests from her fans, I have taken to Trini Trent TV as a means to offer Rowland advice to reshape her career.

    Vocal training is on the agenda for the singer who often sounds out of breath while performing the simplest songs without the encouragement of supporting acts. Additionally, Rowland can expand her global reach by experimenting with new sounds. In other words, going beyond her comfort zone of club-ready R&B.

    Of course, Rowland should not base her entire career in terms of Beyonce. She needs to find her own niche in the already crowded music market and redefine herself as a music superstar.

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