Trini Trent Radio: West Indian to D Bone


Every year, New York City hosts the Labor Day West Indian Parade, which gives both Caribbean natives and their American-born counterparts the opportunity to celebrate their roots…or does it?

Old mas presentations at the Brooklyn Museum, music concerts, a mock Trinidad Carnival and even a soca music flash mob bring just a taste of Caribbean culture to America. However, from my perspective as an observer, they allow many people to be West Indian for a day.

This week’s episode of Trini Trent Radio explores the concept of being an American-born West Indian. Terry Torro was born into a Guyanese family, and he shares insight into his experiences trying to identify with his heritage as well as people in New York.

I also voice my frustrations about folks who only claim to be West Indian when it’s convenient, and many who are vocal about their roots know very little about their family’s homelands. Don’t get offended. I’m just being honest.

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