Trini Trent Radio: Two Worlds


It’s hard out here for a Trinidadian trying to make a difference in the world, especially while being torn between a devotion to the motherland and the need to chase a dream.

This episode of Trini Trent Radio centres on my coming to America story, in which I reveal the main reasons for me leaving Trinidad and Tobago, and some of the struggles I have faced since arriving in New York City. It’s a tale of culture shock, marginalisation and isolation.

Also, I discuss my desire to return home and the pressures I feel to stay away. Why go back to country that does not value the contributions of young people? Why put myself in a position to battle ignorance and homophobia in every space of society?

This is more of a monologue than I expected but I hope my thoughts will help someone battling the same worries and fears.

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