Trini Trent Radio: Conversations In a Bedroom


Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Sex is a part of our lives as adults but for many of us, it can be an awkward, sloppy and downright uncomfortable experience. Well, for some men, it is more similar to a game of conquest in which they move from person to person.

That hypersexuality of men, especially black men, is drilled into their minds through the media and socialisation. They are taught to objectify women and in gay spaces, the equivalent bottoms.

Unfortunately, all of that sex isn’t practiced safely and infections, such as herpes, HIV/AIDS and syphilis are spread. Also, a poor communication between partners results in messy situations and sometimes horrifying interactions.

Basically, sex is not for the weak at heart. Listen to Trini Trent Radio as we also discuss sex vs intimacy, the impact of social media and more.

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