Trini Trent TV: How to Choose a Carnival Costume


It is band launch season in Trinidad and Tobago, and the country is buzzing with excitement for the 2016 Carnival season. Yet, with so many options, how can interested persons be sure they are making the best choice?

Well, if you are eager to participate in the great Parade of the Bands, this episode of Trini Trent TV is for you. Yes, folks, I am sharing tactics for picking the right band and costume for your budget.

All-inclusive bands, such as Tribe, Fantasy, Bliss and YUMA, typically attract the most players but each has its own vibe and reputation. For Carnival first timers, also known as Carnival virgins, it can be confusing to pick band, especially given the outlandish prices.

Also, with several people offering different opinions but little advice, the task can be intimidating. Only if you let it.

Watch be breakdown all the ins and outs of choosing the right Carnival costume on this week’s episode of Trini Trent TV. If you have additional advice, chime in via the comment section!