Trini Trent TV: Dear Trinidadians…


If you have been a follower of Trini Trent TV, you know I occasionally address specific people directly. However, instead of target one person in this new episode, I am focusing on three key groups in my island of Trinidad: The older generation, the youth and the LGBT “community.”

The general elections will be held in Trinidad and Tobago on September 7, 2015. As usual, politicians are making promises as they seek to secure votes on the campaign trail and it is blatantly obvious that many of them are taking citizens for fools.

Worse yet, few people are attempting to tackle the deep rooted issues affecting the older sector of the nation, who currently dominate our politics, as it pertains to corruption, nepotism and favouritism.

The youth are being driven out of Trinidad and Tobago as they succumb to the brain drain. Those who remain have become so disenchanted that they have accepted their place as a powerless generation.

Unsurprisingly, LGBT people are completely voiceless in the country’s politics. They rarely discuss their problems, and it appears they is a greater interest in partying instead of affecting change.

I have had enough. So, this instalment of Trini Trent TV lays them all out.