Trini Trent TV: All Lion Lives Matter


    Just last week, Terry Torro and I discussed tensions amongst the black communities in a special Trini Trent Radio episode, Black People. Now, a perfect example of one of our points has surfaced.

    An iconic wildlife conservation figure, Cecil the Lion, was recently killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist named Walter Palmer. The slaughter of the animal caused an uproar on broadcast and social media, forcing Palmer to shutdown his practice and go into hiding.

    However, the backlash was not welcomed by many. In fact, several African-Americans have voiced disapproval with the outcry for justice, and suggested others care more about a dead lion than their people.

    A string of memes have since hit the web, making a mockery of the concern for Cecil’s death. You know, because it is impossible for people to care about more than one tragedy in the world at a time.

    This episode of Trini Trent TV is a venting session. Please excuse the outburst near the end.